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    Seeking Jar Files for accessing BI Publisher Catalog and Report services

      Hi Folks.

      I'm writing Java code to access Oracle BI Publisher via the Web Services. No IDE. (emacs and make files)

      I'm seeking the .jar file that contains the classes which map to the complex data types used with BI Publisher. I have several Oracle installations (OBIEE, BI Publisher for Windows, Template Builder for Word), yet I do not see any .jar file that contains what I understand to be in xmlpserver.jar. The 10g docs mention that file (xmlpserver.jar), but I find no mention in the 11g docs.

      Obtaining the Libraries: (I was not able to find the libraries after following these directions.)

      Data Types: (These are the types for which I need Java classes. I don't want to write them by hand.)

      I expect to be calling the ReportService and the CatalogService as listed here.

      I feel like I'm missing some simple answer, like "Here's where the .jar files is." or "Here's a simple way to generate Java code that will work."

      Please let me know if you have any suggestions.