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    How to hot deploy EJB in Weblogic?

      Hi all,

      We use Weblogic 10.3 and EJB3.

      EJB has been build as ear and deployed in the server. And other deployed modules in server calls that.

      But the modification of EJB need to be rebuilt and restart the server.

      Does Weblogic support hot deploy for EJB? Do we need plugin or something else for this feature?

      Thanks a lot.
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          The production redeployment strategy/hot deployment is supported for:

          a. Standalone Web Application (WAR) modules and Enterprise applications (EARs) whose clients access the application via a Web application (HTTP).

          b. Enterprise applications that are accessed by inbound JMS messages from a global JMS destination, or from inbound JCA requests.

          c. All types of Web Services, including conversational and reliable Web Services, but not 8.x Web Services.

          Production redeployment is not supported for:

          a. Standalone EJB or RAR modules. If you attempt to use production redeployment with such modules, WebLogic Server rejects the redeployment request. To redeploy such modules, remove their version identifiers and explicitly redeploy the modules.

          b. Applications that use JTS drivers. For more information on JDBC application module limitations, see JDBC Application Module Limitations in Configuring and Managing JDBC for Oracle WebLogic Server.

          c. Applications that obtain JDBC data sources via the DriverManager API; in order to use production redeployment, an application must instead use JNDI to look up data sources.

          d. Applications that include EJB 1.1 container-managed persistence (CMP) EJBs. To use production redeployment with applications that include CMP EJBs, use EJB 2.x CMP instead of EJB 1.1 CMP.

          Please check the below Doc


          Hope this answers your question!!

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            Hi Vijaya,

            Thanks a lot for your reply!

            I'll take a look at the doc. Thanks again.