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    Steps and Docs - Automated Tape backup for LINUX OS


      Currently we are using ARC7 tape (LTO) backup movement in which the product belong to firm CA for windows. We are not having the license to use it for the LINUX os.

      In one of our environment we are planning to set up automated tape backup movement for the LINUX OS. (Database Backups such as RMAN and export) It would be great if you suggest few links or procedural steps to use which tape backups , how to configure, which brand, documents, what all procedural steps etc.

      SHIYAS M

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          You do not necessarily have a question on your equipment, but need OS configuration help.

          I suggest that a much better place for you to start with your question(s) would be with the equipment manufacturer. They likely have all the documentation that is necessary.
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            I suggest to look into Oracle Secure Backup (OSB) or Oracle Secure Backup Express. The later is free.


            There is also a specific forum:
            Secure Backup
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              Currently our RMAN backup are getting stored to local file system in LINUX x86-64 machine. We are planning to move the RMAN backup to TAPE directly during the backup procedure.

              In our windows environment we are using ARC 7 tape backup interface belong to CA for moving the backups from local hardisk to tape. Same way, we would like to implement this in our LINUX environment for moving the RMAN backups directly to tape. Based on that I would like to have the docs or configuration steps for setting RMAN backups. TSM from IBM is an option I have seen. It would be great if you guys provide the procedures in setting the RMAN for tape backup movement using third party interface such as ARC 7, TIVOLI etc.

              SHIYAS M
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                Was the previous information not useful?

                To set up a backup system is not a trivial task. Knowing the requirements and finding a simple solution are usually the key factors for a successful backup solution.

                Based on the very sparse information you have provided it is not reasonable to really make any recommendation, and certainly not to request complete step by step documentation. If you prefer a free solution, perhaps Amanda and mtx can do the job you need.

                However, if you have the resources and prefer to invest into sophisticated and commercial backup solutions, you might want to consider to allocate some resources to find an IT expert to collect the necessary requirements and help you to set up your backup system.