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    how to shrink table which have SDO_GEOMETRY Column

      Hi all,
      how to shrink the table which have SDO_GEOMETRY Index the DBMS_REDEFINITION is giving error while executing finish_redef_table procedure
      ora00918: column ambiguously defined

      Help me how to perform this operation
      * normal alter table shrink command doesn't work on this type of table
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          John O'Toole
          To run
          alter table <table name> shrink space;
          you'll first need to enable row movement and drop the spatial index.

          If you can't drop the spatial index then your options are more limited. I haven't tried DBMS_REDEFINITION on sdo_geometry data so can't comment without trying it out. If you are unable to drop the spatial index and still need to shrink the table, then can you provide a code sample of what you've tried?