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    XMLType default storage  change, BINARY XML to BASICFILE CLOB conversion

      Hello guys!
      I'm not familiar with XML, but need to perform rapidly following task:

      I support database with xml data. Vendor is asking to do following:
      default storage model has changed
      1. Change the default storage model for XMLType from BINARY XML (which is default for to BASICFILE CLOB.
      2. Convert all the tables' fields that has been created as BINARY XML to BASICFILE CLOB.

      in regards to point 2 - I guess that the best way will be to export tables using expdp, generate sqlfile by impdp from dump, drop tables and create them with BASICFILE CLOB fields using sqlfile content, and import data with parameter CONTENT=DATA_ONLY. Am I right?

      in regards to point 1 - I have no any idea and have not found any solution :(

      thank you in advance for any advices!
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