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    Computation and Insert

      Hi all
      Apex 4.2 , linux, 11GR2
      I am trying to do multiple computation and then trying to do insert in different tables.

      my Form parameter are as follows :
      240     P11_ANNUAL_REVENUE_BUDGET     Annual Revenue<br> Budget     Display Only     
      260     P11_ANNUAL_REV_ACT_YTD_PRIOR_M     Annual Actual Revenue<br> YTD Prior Month<br>     Number Field     
      280     P11_CURRENT_MONTH_BUDGET     Current Month<br> Budget     Number Field     
      290     P11_CURRENT_MONTH_BILLED_TO_DA     Current Month<br> Billed To Date     Number Field     
      300     P11_EXPECTED_ACTUAL_MONTH     Expected Actual<BR> Month     Number Field     
      310     P11_GAP          Hidden     
      320     P11_REVENUE_OVERAGE_SHORTFALL     Revenue Overage<br> Shortfall     Hidden     
      380     P11_REVENUE_PER_DAY_PLAN     Revenue Per Day <BR>Plan     Hidden     
      390     P11_REVENUE_PER_DAY_YTD     Revenue Per <BR>Day Ytd     Hidden     
      400     P11_PLUS_MINUS     +/-     Hidden     
      410     P11_ACTUAL_EXCESS_SHORTFALL     Actual Excess<br> Shortfall     Hidden     
      420     P11_ACTUAL_EXCESS_SHORTFALL_TR     Actual Excess<br> Shortfall Trend     Hidden     
      430     P11_REVENUE_PER_DAY_NEEDED     Revenue Per<br> Day Needed     Hidden     
      The Hidden item are computation Item , and number field item are values that user enter.

      :p11_current_month_billed_to_da - :p11_expected_actual_month 
      on 310     P11_GAP     (which worked fine )

      some computation are never done .
      for ex

      (:P11_ANNUAL_REV_ACT_YTD_PRIOR_M + :p11_current_month_billed_to_da)/:P11_DAYS_THROUGH_YR
      dependant one above.

      can you pls help in figure out what is wrong with one computation over other.

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