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    Need to query

      Need a little help in obtaining some data. We are on version

      We need to query the following Spec Types, to audit how our setup has been performed, on the system generated fields to identify those that were created without using a template

      Material Spec
      Formulation Spec
      Trade Spec
      Packaging Material Spec
      Master Spec.

      The Tab is the Approval/Audit Trail Tab. The Section is Lineage/History. The field is Action.

      We need to return the following in the query: Spec Number, Spec Type (Material, Trade, Etc) and Action where value begins with Create New

      Thanks in advance!
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          A developer will be able to help you with the actual query. But I think the information you are looking for is in the SpecLineageHistory table. The action for "Created new from template" is "13". So you would need to find all Source Specs they never had a lineage history action entry with the value of 13.

          hope this helps a little