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    Suppress "Your version of Java is insecure" prompts


      I'm trying to update some self serve kiosks in our corporation. I'm currently testing with Java 7u11 as that was the current version when I began the initial setup. I plan on updating to the latest version before I move the new machines out to prod. The problem I am having is that I am getting the "your version of java is insecure" prompts. These kiosks run a restricted local user account, and will be customer facing, so having these prompts appear is not acceptable. I realize updating to the latest version will stop the prompts from appearing.... at least for a few days until another version is released.

      The problem is that when these prompts appear, it has the potential to break the kiosks since the logged in account has NO ability to install anything. The machines are so locked down that you need to run a special tool to unlock them in order to update anything, so I can't even push Java updates via SMS without breaking the machines,

      I am using a deployment.config, and deployment.properties file for configuration, but I cant seem to make it suppress the prompt. This is a game breaker. If I can't find a way to work with this, we will have to look at migrating all of our Java based apps over to something else.

      Is there any way to suppress these prompts?
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