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    Struggling with a chart

      Sorry if this is long. I am trying to create a "Top 5" chart in an application. My SQL query is:

      select null, location, tickets
      (select d.location_name as location, count(*) as tickets
      from job_ticket@WHD a,
      client@WHD b,
      tech@WHD c,
      location@WHD d
      where a.assigned_tech_id = c.client_id
      and b.location_id = d.location_id
      and a.report_date > sysdate - 7
      group by d.location_name
      order by tickets desc)
      where rownum < 6

      The resulting data:

      -     Data Services     13
      -     IT     8
      -     Finance     8
      -     Maintenance     7
      -     Helpdesk - Staff     6

      If I choose a Flash chart I receive "XML Parser failure: unterminated attribute", for an HTML5 chart just a blank page. However, if I take the result data and do something like this the chart works:

      select null,'Data Services',13
      from dual
      union all
      select null,'IT',8
      from dual
      union all
      select null,'Finance',7
      from dual
      union all
      select null,'Maintenance',6
      from dual
      union all
      select null,'Helpdesk - Staff',6
      from dual

      I even tried to create a table from the the query and still experience the same issue. Any thoughts?
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          I have done something similar, hope it helps...

          I have a stats page which builds its chart dynamically, date ranges can be entered as parameters along with All Offices or an individual office.

          The source of the chart is a pl/sql package function returning VARCHAR2

          Series Name - Series 1
          Query - RETURN my_stats_pkg.my_chart_sql;

          You then build the SQL in the PL/SQL, I return something similar to the following

          SELECT NULL
          , wc.wh_date
          , MAX(DECODE(ao.area_office_id,1,s.lpid_count,0)) Ayr ,MAX(DECODE(ao.area_office_id,2,s.lpid_count,0)) series1
          ,MAX(DECODE(ao.area_office_id,3,s.lpid_count,0)) Dumfries ,MAX(DECODE(ao.area_office_id,4,s.lpid_count,0)) series2
          ,MAX(DECODE(ao.area_office_id,5,s.lpid_count,0)) Galashiels ,MAX(DECODE(ao.area_office_id,6,s.lpid_count,0)) series3
          ,MAX(DECODE(ao.area_office_id,7,s.lpid_count,0)) Hamilton ,MAX(DECODE(ao.area_office_id,8,s.lpid_count,0)) series4
          FROM lpis_statistic s
          ,lpis_wh_control wc
          ,lpis_area_office ao
          ,lpis_measurement m
          WHERE s.wh_control_id = wc.wh_control_id
          AND s.area_office_id = ao.area_office_id
          AND s.measurement_id = m.measurement_id
          AND m.measurement_num = 2
          AND wc.wh_day = 1
          GROUP BY wc.wh_date
          ORDER BY wc.wh_date
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            Thanks but no matter how I structure the chart series - SQL Query or Function Returning SQL Query, the error or no results occurs.
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              Interesting find this morning. If I change the query and do 'select SUBSTR(d.location_name,1,1) as location...' a chart shows up. Anything beyond 1 character, I receive the error or a blank chart. I remained stumped.
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                Hilary Farrell-Oracle
                Hi Drago,

                When you run the page with Debug set to "Yes", and click on the "Show XML" link under your chart, what information do you see when you click the link? If there are no issues, generally you should expect to see the complete XML for your chart. However, if an error is reported during the rendering, it should be captured there.

                Would you mind putting a testcase up on apex.oracle.com, and updating this thread with the necessary login credentials, so that I can take a closer look?

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                  This is what I see when clicking on "Show XML."

                  This page contains the following errors:

                  error on line 56 at column 24: Char 0x0 out of allowed range
                  Below is a rendering of the page up to the first error.
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                    Hilary Farrell-Oracle
                    Hi Drago,

                    Would you mind placing a testcase on apex.oracle.com, and updating this thread with the login credentials, please?

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                      I solved this. Some special character in the data. I used:


                      and the chart displays correctly. Your idea to debug and look at XML got me pointed in the right direction. Thanks.