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    install a web application on managed server

      Hi guys,
      I have 2 linux virtual machines (mach1 and mach2).
      I installed weblogic with one adminserver on mach1 and one managed server on mach2.

      Now I try to install apex for example on mach2. so I start weblogic on mach1, call weblogic console from mach2 BUT from here i cannot browse apex.war on mach2. It show only directories of mach1 !!! is this right ? am I missing something or all deployed applications should be installed in mach1 (where adminserver is) ?

      PS: apex is an example. it can be any web application providing a war file.

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          You can deploy the application on "stage" mode, so that admin server will distribute the application to mach2.
          What you have to do is keep your web application on mach1 so that it is accessible from admin console. Now deploy the application in stage mode to managed server 2 on mach2 from console. Here Weblogic will access the application from mach1 and distribute it to managed server 2 i.e on mach2.

          Usualy in an ideal scenario platform design should be made to have a shared mount between machines for weblogic domain.

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            thank you for your reply. I arrived to the same conclusion.
            I will test this way.

            best regards.