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    OEM Email Notifications not coming up

    user 777111
      Hello Friends,

      We are not getting OEM Email notifications. Its OEM installed on RHEL Linux x86_64 5.8V

      Before i came here i did my homework by searching the forums and metalinks. Below are the checks i already did

      1)Email subscribe is setup
      2)Notification schedules are setup
      3)job queue process set to higher value
      4)Sysman jobs are not broken
      5)couldnt find any rows in management notification task table
      6)Test emails are working. mailx command is also working from OEM server
      7)There are critical and warning alerts seen in OEM home page. but the same is not sending it out in email.

      please let me know if you need any more information from me. I am trying to fix this issue with your experts help.
      Thanks in advance

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          Loc Nhan -Oracle
          Hi John,

          You have checked quite a few things, but have you checked whether the alerts seen on the console match any rules that you have subscribed to receive email?

          Also, this doc has good information on troubleshooting notifications, including how to turn on debug tracing for the notification system and what to look for in OMS trace files.

          - Loc
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            user 777111
            Hi Loc,

            Thanks! yes i checked it. For example there is a listener down alert, database instance down alert i can see in OEM critical alerts home page. I have subscribed to these rules.
            But for some reason its not coming up. One more thing i identified is, when i do ./repvfy verify notifications level 9 from EMDIAG_HOME i am not able to see any notifications at all !!
            Could there be an issue with OEM repository then? I am just guesssing here. i tried to end the maintenence jobs and resubmit it but still no breakthrough

            i will definitely check your document which you posted!

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              Courtney Llamas-Oracle
              On the alerts, can you view the details and see if any notifications were triggered. It could be that the notification rule you subscribed to is not set to trigger on those exact alerts.

              The repvfy piece just means there's no backlog or obvious issues w/ the notifications.