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    how to add machine in clustered managed from weblogic

      I am installing OIF in clustred mode dev box. Steps i followed are:
      1) Completed JDk installation on both servers.
      2) Installed weblogic10_3 on both servers.
      3) Installed Base , patch14 and patch15 on both servers.
      4) Creating the WebLogic Server Domain on server1 following document

      In above document under,
      Running the Configuration Wizard on IDMHOST1 to Create a Domain
      i skipped step, i.ie i didnot selected any of the following:

      On the Select Optional Configuration screen, select the following:
      --> Administration Server
      --> Managed Servers, Clusters and Machines
      Click Next.

      5) Packed domain from server1 and unpacked that on server2.

      6) Configuring Oracle Identity Federation on server1, followed below document:

      7)Configuring Oracle Identity Federation on server2(same document):
      while configuring at below step:

      On the Select Domain screen, select the Expand Cluster option and specify these values:

      HostName: ADMINVHN.mycompany.com

      Port: 7001

      UserName: weblogic

      User Password: weblogic_user_password

      Click Next.

      i am getting exception that there is no cluster available.

      Please help me to resolve this problem.

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