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    AD Modification Auto provisioning not working - OIM 11.1.2

      Hi All,

      I am using AD connector. AD modicification auto provisionig is not working as expected.

      When I change First name (USR_FIRST_NAME) attribute, the same is reflecting in givenname attribute in AD system.

      I have checked the following,
      1) Lookup.USR_PROCESS_TRIGGERS lookup definiton,

      codekey = USR_FIRST_NAME
      decode = First Name Updated

      and OOTB "First Name Updated" process task is available in "AD user" process definition

      Testing from UI
      Now changed "First name" attribute of a user from identity console and the same is not reflecting.

      Please tell me what else needs to be checked to make modificatin auto provisioned to AD

      Thanks in Advance.