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    Create User Workflow with - OIM 11.1.2

      Hi All,

      Use case: A manager logins in identity console and creates a user (say User01) from User link. The User01 should not be created directly, instead a workflow should be initiated and should be sent manager's manager. After the approval, the user should be created in OIM.

      Is this possible through OIM 11g R2. If possible, pls provide high level steps to implement this.

      Thanks in Advance.
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          yes it is possible.

          Create your own SOA composite with one approval task that should be assigned to manager.

          Deploy the composite

          Then create approval policy in sysadmin console with auto approval for request level and another approval policy for operational level and attach your SOA composite. For both the request type should be 'Create User' in approval policy
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            Rajiv Dewan
            By Default, in OIM 11g R2 if user doesn't have permissions to create user (administrator can create user without request) then it will generate request id.

            Based on your requirement you need to attach your own composite there.
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