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    ORA-00942: table or view does not exist


      when I start to write a query in a 'Sql File' I receive the error ORA-00942 in a alert dialog for every letter I write.
      For exemple: I want to write the query "select * from User", when I write the letter 's' the alert dialog with the error appears. Then I press OK and write the letter 'e' and again the alert dialog appears. This is happening for every letter I write.

      How can I fix this?

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          Gary Graham-Oracle

          Welcome to the forum!

          That behavior is completely "off-the-wall". You do not provide any background information to help anyone who cares to respond. For example, the SQL Developer version in use, database you are connecting to, third-party extensions you may have installed, etc.

          If you just installed the latest production version ( into a empty directory, had no prior version to migrate settings from, and connect to an Oracle database, then the behavior (with Tools -> Preferences -> Code Editor -> Completion Insight on by default) when typing "select * from u" should be to pop-up a list of possible table/view names to select from.

          Please post additional details if you want help.

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            Thanks Gary!

            I changed the behavior of Completion Insight increasing the velocity of Pop-up.

            Before it was configured to 0,3 seconds. But it seems strange to me, because I think that the auto-complete should not try to put a table name when I typing a 'select'.

            But anyway, it works for me.

            Now configure Completion Insight with 3 seconds and I have enough time to write the queries without the Pop-up appears for every letter.