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    9.2 GA templates

      Does anyone know the ETA on the 9.2 GA templates? Oracle released pre-GA templates to partners earlier for testing, but wanted to know when the official GA release would be available.
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          As you may know Oracle never provides release dates untill a couple of days proir to release.
          Oracle has made pre-build vm on Vitualbox available since April 14 for HCM, FSCM, ELM 9.2.

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            I cannot speak on behalf of Oracle, but there's generally one template (exceptionally two) every year for each module. And so far it was about 3 to 6 months after the new Peopletools version GA.
            So, if Oracle decides to continue with Peoplesoft OVM despite the VirtualBox appliance for Peoplesoft, I would expect them to be available in June at the earliest.

            But, again, unless I missed some docs (which is quite possible), I did not see any evidence that Oracle will continue to deliver Peoplesoft OVM templates since there is now this Peoplesoft Update Manager images (VirtualBox).

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              Oh thats fantastic! I didn't realize the change in direction to virutual box images. I should be able to upload those as assembly into ovm if they are for virtual box. I will give it a try!
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                I did a move from VirtualBox Appliance for Peoplesoft to VMWare ESX as shown here, so it should really be doable to Oracle VM.
                As a hint, the delivered images are ova files, you may want to try directly the import of that files (or extract first the ova file, it will produce ovf and vmdk files that you can work on):
                Find out more : http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E20065_01/doc.30/e18549/vm.htm#CJAJHDJC
                If I have time in the coming days, I could also have a try from VirtualBox to Oracle VM.


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                  Looks like this post entry is a good start for having a try :
                  But it seems you need VirtualBox installed somewhere to run the conversion... but it is worth a try.