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    How To Connect Microsoft Excel To Oracle DB

    Vishwamber Shetty-Oracle

      My team recently took over a process from another company. The other company had a macro written which connects to oracle DB and gets the o/p result in Excel.
      If i try to use this macro based sheet, I get error.

      Though i pass the right password it through's error.

      Error is "ORA-06413: Connection not open"
      Where as if i try the same user name and password in toad it works.

      I see that in my system i don't have "ORACLE Provider for OLE DB" and i also don't have "Oracle DB Driver".

      I downloaded 64-bit Oracle Data Access Components (ODAC) Downloads from the bellow link

      But it had install file as install.bat and configure.bat and on clicking nothing much happened.

      I also tried using the bellow link



      Got stuck where oracle connectivity was needed.

      Vishwamber Shetty

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