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    Detail records not shown at 2nd level hierarchy with af:query

      I am trying to show the detail records inline using af:iterator. I've 2 levels of master detail hierarchy ( Location --> Dept --> Emp ). I am able to show the dept details as a separate column in the Location table. Also able to show the emp details for a department in the same column. I named this page as LocDeptEmp.jspx.

      I created a search page for locations. The search result table has a command link for the location_id and the page will be navigated to the above page (LocDeptEmp.jspx) passing only the location_id that user clicked on it. But the page LocDeptEmp.jspx is showing only the Dept details not the Employees for each department for that location. I am using af:iterator to implement this behavior.

      JDev Version:

      Is it a bug in