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    How can I modify VIP ?

      Cluster version: 5.8

      Due to a security issue I want to modify the VIPs of my cluster

      I want to change the VIP to a different IPs as shown below . to -- > Node1 to -- > Node2 to -- > Node3
      What is the preferred way to do this in the cluster ?
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          Stop service, database, ASM.
          Disable instance, ASM, nodeapps using srvctl

          To change vip OCR config
          srvctl modify nodeapps -n node1-pub -A vip_address/netmask/interface
          srvctl modify nodeapps -n node2-pub -A vip_address/netmask/interface
          srvctl modify nodeapps -n node3-pub -A vip_address/netmask/interface

          Enable instance, ASM and nodeapps
          Start ASM, database and sevice

          Check config:
          srvctl config nodeapps -a -g -s