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    Permission issue

      Hello all. I need your help. Thank you in advance for any assistance.
      I have migrated a database from Oracle 9i to Oracle 11g. I have a special schema called SF, which I exported from 9i (wi05) to 11g(wi02).
      This user which owns SF has granted many grants to other users for accessing its objects. When I exported the database I have selected grants=y options.
      In Oracle OEM 11g under the actual users I can see the execute grants for SF's objects under certain users. Now, when users try to access the SF's objects in new (11g (wi02)) database they get error: ORA-00904: "GET_CONCT_PROC: invalid identifier. THE GET_CONCT_PROC function is valid function in SF's schema.
      Why do I get the ORA-00904 in 11g whereas it used to work fine in 9i?

      Thank you, Sonya