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    Handling Multiple Production Lines

    Birju Nair
      I am implementing OPM R12 for Cement Industry. Our client has 7 production lines and needs to create batches and production plan for each production line. Can anyone suggest how to do this by creating a single Inventory Org? Or is creating multiple Inventory Orgs the only solution?
      *Note:- Our client does not have different sub-inventory for each production line. There is a common sub-inventory for each production line.

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          You wouldn't want to create multiple inventory organisations.

          The best way you can achieve what you need is to group all the plant resources in each production line into a resource group. For example we group all our packing machines into a resource group called Packaging. This means in planning (ASCP) we can view the plan by resource group.

          OPM batches are specific to a recipe selected, so I guess the name of your routing should reflect the name of the production line.