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    Timezone Error when switching to OEM 12c Agent


      Hopefully I can state the question clearly. I am upgrading my enterprise manager form 11g to 12c using the Enterprise Manager 12c Upgrade Console and the 2-Systme method.

      On one host the 11g agent was not running and when I tried to start it I received an error -

      The agentTZRegion value in /usr/local/oracle/product/agent10g/sysman/config/emd. properties is not in agreement with what agent thinks it should be.

      So I exported TZ=EtcGMT+7 and executed the command mgmt_target.set_agkent_tzrgn(<agent_name>, <new_tz_rgn>) in the 11g repository which enabled me to start the 11g agent.

      Then from the console I was able to deploy the 12c agent on the target and it deployed successfully. However when I ran the health check it generated the message -
      ----- Wed Mar 20 16:13:08 2013::5172::property 'agentTZregion' in '/usr/local/oracle/product/agent12g/agent_inst/sysman/config/emd.properties' contains an invalid value of '-07:00'.Agent start up can not proceed.This value might have been manually modified to be an incorrect value.This value needs to be set to one of the values listed in '/usr/local/oracle/product/agent12g/core/'. Execute 'emctl config agent getTZ' and see if this is an appropriate value. -----

      The get TZ command shows
      ./bin/emctl config agent getTZ
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      On a host which I successfully configured the getTZ command shows US/Pacific-New.

      In the supportedtzs.lst file I find both values so I am puzzled. I don't know how to proceed. ANy suggestions appreciated.
      Thank you.
      Bill Wagman