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      Hi all,

      we run a 11203 ee-db on solaris 10. Clients are windows based (XP). Problem is:
      Connection to Oracle-db via MSAccess with "import table". Import of data is very slow (280000 rows in about 14 minutes). ODBC-driver used is 11g.
      When using MSQuery with the same ODBC, DSN, database, user, table I see data within a second (when using it with EXCEL it is as slow as with msaccess).
      The table is just a plain table mostly varchar and some dates. Date conversion might cause some problem.

      I have no idea about access (just using the functionality as this is supposed to become a production db and I am the dba).
      The DNS used is a file-dns. Is there a difference in use between file and system dns?

      Any idea where to look and find the culprit? What can I find out from ODBC-logging file?

      Any help appreciated.