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    How to setup Formula Approval ?


      I would like to setup approvals upon creating and saving a formula, so that status would change from Request for Approval for General Use to Approved for General Use after approving.
      Please if anyone would help me with guided steps I would be more than thankful.

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          In R12 we use Approvals Management and ERES (E-Records/E-Signatures) to control approval of critical documents such as recipes and QC Specifications.

          The request for Approval For General Use is a deferred status, meaning that when the user saves the formula, recipe etc. and an E-Signature request is then displayed, they can submit it for approval. This sends a Workflow Notification to the Approver(s) as defined in Approvals Management. The document can then be saved in this deferred status.

          The steps to set up Approvals Management and ERES are quite numerous and depend on the approvals policy and how complicated it is. A good start point would be to read the ERES Cookbook which is on Metalink to guide you through the setups.
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            Try this link it should have a pdf which gives us step by step instructions


            Let me know how it goes