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    How siebel fetches


      How siebel fetches?

      I'm asking it because I got a situation that a query is executed a lot (top of executions) and we are suspecting that could be the fetching.

      It's a simple query but the number of executions it's really big.
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          If i got this right you have the issue that an sql is being executed a lot. Maybe you see this in OEM or RUEI?


          As far as i know fetching will not be logged as a query but will be executed after the query has been run to bap the result set to the siebel BC. You would have a fecthing problem if you see a query that has been executed quickly but the client would that much more time to display the data.


          For me it sounds more like you have an MV-Field displayed on a list applet. Siebel would execute a query for every record in the list to gahter MVL Data. Or you have an MV-Field set force active on a bc. Also calculated fields using an MV-Field can cause this issue if displayed on th UI or set force active or set active for a query in eScript.


          You can verify this by checking the sql. If i am right the query is the same but used different row_ids in the where clause.