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    Need Expert APEX Help  -- New B2B Portal Design

    Scott H.
      About 5 years ago, I wrote a B2B portal for my ERP system in Apex. It works pretty well, but it's starting to look fairly dated as web technologies have drastically changed as everyone knows.

      Our current order entry system, has a small filtering option, then you click on an Add button, takes you to another screen to add, and back and forth. I have a requirement from my sales team to make ours look more modern and more picture driven.

      What I'm looking to do is have a navigation menu on the left that automatically changes the query on the right. The right side of the screen will be a grid of images (across and down), and when you click on the image, it zooms in in a modal region, and you can click an add to order option that will open a modal order entry form.

      The layout I want sort of looks like this page

      http://www.oscardelarenta.com/ready-to-wear/jackets/ (nav on the left, grid on the right)

      Functionality wise, if you look at the video on this screen, it has a lot of the features i'd like to implment


      Is this possible in Apex? Does anyone have a good demo of something similar? I'm doing my rewrite using theme 25 also.