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    Conflict between installation of OVM and OVS

      Hi everyone

      We have the requirement to install Oracle VM in a x86-64 server with RHEL 5 already in it.
      Our VM admin says that we can install Oracle VM server in that server but we need to install Oracle VM manager in different server.
      we can not install both(OVM and OVS) into the same server. he says that we have to install OVM first and then only we can proceed with installation of OVS.
      I do not feel he is right though I tried searching but could not find anything regarding this
      Can anyone guide me on this

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          Terry Phelps
          Oracle VM server must be installed on a bare system, and not on top of RHEL or any other OS.

          The VM manager must be installed on ANOTHER machine, and it DOES install on top of an existing Linux OS.
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            yes, while installing oracle VM server , it will delete the previous OS. and will install basic Linux OS.let it do that .

            my question is: cant we install Oracle VM manager on it after VM server with basic Linux on it.
            because we have limited resources and only will server available, So we are trying to install both on same machine

            Charandeep S.
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              There have been people using OVMM inside a VM guest hosted on a OVM Server, but you'll have to get around the chicken-egg-probem first, since you can't deploy/configure a Server Pool in OVMM which then holds the meta data for your OVM Server(s) without installing OVM Manager first. You can install OVMM on a VM guest running on VirtualBox on another host, though.

              However, you don't seem to be well trained to tackle this endeavour, so I'd suggest keeping the OVM Manager on a separate Virtual BOX VM. Should you intend to take any of this OVM stuff into production, you are well advised to setup a production-ready environment for OVM, though. If you just want to play around with it, you can of course go ahead with the VirtualBox approach.
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                Thank you for your response.
                you are right. I am not that much experience to handle this.
                though your advice is valuable.