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    Confusion with isql*plus

      good Morning to all;

      What's the procedure to start isql*plus in oracle 10g ?

      DB created using OUI. When i trying to connect following url getting

      SQL*Plus URL:

      iSQL*Plus DBA URL:

      Should i start isql*plus manually ?
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          Hello to all ;

          I enabled isql*Plus but i can't connect as sysdba ..

          In iSQL*Plus login screen how can i issue command to connect as sysdba
          I entered like this method
          username : sys as sysdba
          password : xxxxxxxxxx
          When i am using above method i am getting error
          *SP2-0306 - Invalid option. Usage: CONN[ECT] username/password[@connect_identifier] [AS {SYSOPER|SYSDBA}] or: CONN[ECT] /[@connect_identifier] AS SYSOPER*
          Please provide a  way to connect  as  sysdba  via iSQLPlus ..*
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            Check if this link might of some help

            SQLPLUS login as SYSDBA
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              Very simple dude give command as connect sys@orcl as sysdba
              enter your password :

              Connect identifier is your orcl which is database in which you want to connect .. Because sys is user/schema which can get connect to any database which is having all privileges so client wont understand if you dont mention DB name which is called as connect identifier ..