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    SSD purpose, delete it?

      Hello everybody,

      I'm working with java card from NXP with JCOP2.4.2 R1 OS. I have installled my own applet using card manager. I have changed the card manager default keys and set the card manager state to "secured". My application works fine with my applet but I have one question. When I put a command "card-info" to JCShell I can see this one:

      Card Manager AID   :  ABABABABABAB
      Card Manager state :  SECURED

      Application:  SELECTABLE (---L-D--) "xyxyxyxyxyxy"
      Load File  :      LOADED (--------) A0000000035350   (Security Domain)
      Module    :                             A000000003535041
      Load File  :      LOADED (--------) "asasasasasasasa"
      Module    :                             "xyxyxyxyxyxy"

      As you can see I have loaded and make selectable my own applet xyxyxyxyxyxy. There is also pre-loaded(not installed, or installed?) supplementary security domain (SSD) with AID A0000000035350. Now, I have some question, please take an answer to all:

      1. What is the purpose of this SSD?
      2. I'm not sure but I expect that this SSD is not installed - it is not used...if I have changed card manager keys(it means that no one can install this SSD package), can anyone install this SSD without knowing this changed keys(e.g. some hacker)?
      3. Can I delete this SSD package? If yes...does it have some disadvantages?
      4. Is it necessary to install this loaded SSD package? Or can be stay not used and loaded only?

      Thank you for your help!

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