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    VONDMED Account Relationship - error on both query and insert/update or ins

      I need to be able to create account relationships via CRMOD web services.

      I have an existing integration program that creates/updates accounts, contacts and account team

      However, when I try to query or insert/update, or even InsertChild using ListOfRelatedAccount I get the following error:

      Method 'Execute' of business component 'VONDMED Account Relationship' (integration component 'Account_Related Account') returned the following error:
      "Operation Failed: Read. Record Type: |Account~Singular| Relationship. Access Level: No Access (SBL-DAT-00553)"(SBL-EAI-04376)

      Now I have checked my account, which is the administrator account and I do have full access to the related accounts etc

      I can manually through the CRMOD website add the related account fine, but I just cannot via the webservice v1 account.wsdl

      And I am using the same user account that allowed me to manually create the relationship via the website, which isn't allowing me in the webservice call

      Dim newQryInsert As New CRM_WS_Account.AccountWS_AccountInsertChild_Input
      newQryInsert.ListOfAccount = New CRM_WS_Account.Account1(1) {}
      newQryInsert.ListOfAccount(0) = New CRM_WS_Account.Account1
      newQryInsert.ListOfAccount(0).ExternalSystemId = "myexternalid"

      newQryInsert.ListOfAccount(0).ListOfRelatedAccount = New CRM_WS_Account.RelatedAccount(1) {}
      newQryInsert.ListOfAccount(0).ListOfRelatedAccount(0) = New CRM_WS_Account.RelatedAccount
      newQryInsert.ListOfAccount(0).ListOfRelatedAccount(0).Comments = "test message"
      newQryInsert.ListOfAccount(0).ListOfRelatedAccount(0).CreatedDate = ""
      newQryInsert.ListOfAccount(0).ListOfRelatedAccount(0).RelatedAccountExternalId = "relatedexternalid"
      newQryInsert.ListOfAccount(0).ListOfRelatedAccount(0).RelationshipRole = "Reseller"
      newQryInsert.ListOfAccount(0).ListOfRelatedAccount(0).ReverseRelationshipRole = "Customer"
      newQryInsert.ListOfAccount(0).ListOfRelatedAccount(0).StartDate = "25/04/2013 08:00:00"

      Yet if I perform a query on ListOfPartner I can retrieve the results, but if I then change the insert/update to have ListOfPartner instead of ListOfRelated it also returns the same error message - likewise if I try to insert child when the child record does not exist.

      Can anybody help?
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          figured it out after a lot of try and re-try attempts

          so rather than using ListOfRelationship, instead use the ListOfPartner - works a treat:

          qryInsertUpdate.ListOfAccount(0).ListOfPartner(0).Comments = "System Generated Relationship"
          qryInsertUpdate.ListOfAccount(0).ListOfPartner(0).StartDate = "04/25/2013 08:00:00"
          qryInsertUpdate.ListOfAccount(0).ListOfPartner(0).PartnerExternalSystemId = "ext ref"
          qryInsertUpdate.ListOfAccount(0).ListOfPartner(0).RelationshipRole = "Reseller"
          qryInsertUpdate.ListOfAccount(0).ListOfPartner(0).ReverseRelationshipRole = "Customer"

          And this works on the InsertOrUpdate method