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    Paragraph list triggering

      Hi All,

      I am having issues with Paragraph triggering while running the Documaker transactions. I am invoking this through multi-line text in a section.
      Is there anything I am missing, I have put triggers on paragraphs using DAL inside the paragraph lists.

      Also, the HaveImage(), function is not working for paragraph. Is it applicable only for sections and not paragraphs?

      Appreciate a quick reply.

      Pradip Kumar
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          The DAL "HAVE" functions will not see paragraph content as the inclusion is not by physical section. The system takes the text content and includes it in the destination MLT field. So there is no physical section included. However, if you have enabled the option to "Keep Selection", then you may have what you need. The Keep Selection option creates a hidden field that is assigned the paragraph names. You can query that field and search the content to determine if a particular paragraph was included.

          The Keep Selection field is named the same as your MLT field with a '#' character at the start and end. For instance, if your MLT field is named "Letter Content", your Keep Selection field is named "#Letter Content#". If multiple paragraphs are selected, the name of each will be included and separated by semicolons. Once you know that, then you can do something like this:
          value = @("#Letter Content#")
          if (Find("My Paragraph", value) )

          You should note that there is a limit on regular field content of 1024 bytes. So if you are including lots and lots of paragraphs, your Keep Selection field may not be able to hold all the values.