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    OVM 3.2.1 + Sun ZFS - want to create second repository

    Soumyajit Haldar
      Hi All,

      I am very new to this VM architecture. Our VM environment's repository exists in the Sun ZFS. I have created a similar LUN in the Sun ZFS Storage. But, I am not sure how to expose this to the VM Manager or the OVS so that I can create virtual disks for my VMs.

      I generally expose the LUNs to the normal bare-metal servers as NFS mount point, but here I need to format it with OCFS2 so that it can exposed to all the OVS (Hypervisors).

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          If you need to make the LUN available to your OVM servers, you should export it via iSCSI using Comstar, I guess. You would then have to login to that LUN from all of your OVM servers, rediscover the servers and than you should be presented with the new local storage device where you can create a new strorage repository on from within OVMM.
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            Soumyajit Haldar
            The ZFS server is a NAS server and is exposed to the servers as NFS mount point. Here is my confusion. How to proceed?
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              ZFS can do more than NFS. It does FC and iSCSI. Either way. I do run my repos on NFS on ZFS. Its rather simple to present a NFS share to your VM servers. Go to "storage". Expand the "file server" section. ClicK "+" or "add" and reference the network path to the servers. Add admin servers and you're done. You may have to run a refresh on the storage.
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                I am currently only presenting my zfs filesystem over nfs. It should also support iSCSI but I haven't tried that yet.

                From memory the steps were a little convoluted but I remember basically have to create 2 mount points (one for the meta-data & the other for the actual repository) & after that I created multiple respos that shared that same meta-data mount point. I think the steps were something like discovering the NFS storage, then refreshing for the servers, and then present it to the servers.

                Sorry I don't remember the exact steps/terms. All I did was follow the steps in the help and it worked fine with a minimal confusion.
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                  Soumyajit Haldar
                  Thank you for the update. Yes our current repository is on a NFS mount point. And also as you said our metadata are kept in another NFS mount point. Currently in the storage tab the ZFS storage is exposed and all the LUNs can be viewed from there.

                  But in the Repository tab when I try to add another repository, i can not proceed as there is no ZFS mount points are coming. Can you please share the details how to proceed here?

                  As I mentioned earlier, the initial configuration was done prior to my joining to the project and also there is no documents available with me.
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                    Sorry I misunderstood. Have you tried mounting the new ZFS mount points over NFS from another host before trying in OVS ?

                    After creating the new ZFS mount points, did you set them to share over nfs in ZFS & then tell NFS what network to present them on ?

                    My ZFS box is OEL6 running zfsonlinux.org so our steps are likely different but from memory I had to do the following steps on the ZFS server before the new ZFS mounts could be seen via OVS.

                    - create the ZFS mount point (Example: zfs create tank/d_r_01_clones);

                    - Set share NFS in ZFS (Example: zfs set sharenfs=on tank/d_r_01_clones);

                    - edit /etc/exports to add the new mount to valid NFS shares and allow access to it on the storage network (Example: /tank/d_r_01_clones,no_root_squash) );

                    - bounce NFS to take affect (Example: service nfs restart); Note that I did this while VMs were running on other repos and didn't have any issues;

                    - Go into OVS Manager and do the steps I alluded to above;

                    Doing the above I was able to present a different mount point for each VM or groups of VMs which allows me to do more granular ZFS snapshots. For example I created the following repos:

                    zfs create tank/d_r_01_clones
                    zfs create tank/d_r_01_soa
                    zfs create tank/d_r_01_rapps
                    zfs create tank/d_r_01_dapps
                    zfs create tank/d_r_01_ddbms

                    I made sure I could see and mount them via NFS from a standard host before even trying with OVS.
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                      You have to have separate shares for each repo, server pool, etc you create. Create new share. Run a refresh on the storage from the storage tab. Make sure the new share appears. Run one more refresh to make sure everything is fine. The share should show as available to create a repo. You must make sure the VM servers have permission to write to the share.
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                        If all the above is good and you can mount them via NFS from another server and you can see the NFS mounts in the OVS manager then you should be good.

                        As the other poster above me alluded, "You may have to run a refresh on the storage."

                        And after that you should then be able to present the storage to the OVSs. I don't remember the exact steps as each time I just pull out the help and walk through the tutorial and it works.

                        Try going through the tutorial on setting up the disk and the Server Pool step by step.

                        You should be able to get to in the upper right hand corner by clicking "help > getting started".

                        I would start with the following URL on your OVM Manager server and read all the steps & pages regarding NFS storage. It has been awhile since I setup a new repository & I remember it being a little counter-intuitive (especially the first time). On 3.2.1, if you search on the word "NFS" you should get many hits (some are not helpful)... I would focus first on the ones regarding setting up new storage:


                        Note: The above may or may not work for you on your local OVS Manager server... Bottom line you should be able to get all this info via the upper right hand corner when logged into the OVS Manager via the browser by clicking "help > getting started" and searching for NFS & new storage repos.