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    Can't install Oracle Redhat 6.3, media not found on CDROM

      Dear Experts,

      I've installed 6.3 on a Dell E521, although I remember I had
      problems with APIC (?), and had to install using a special parameter.

      Tonight I tried to install Oracle Redhat 6.3 on my server:
      Asus motherboard with dual Xeon processors.

      Although I've installed Redhat 5.5 on it, and Fedora, I
      couldn't install 6.3.

      Soon after selecting the language and keyboard, I got a message
      that the install image could not be found on the CDROM.

      Which is odd, because it had just booted from DVD and was running
      the installation software.

      Is there a way to install 6.3?

      What is the secret?

      Thanks a lot!