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    Protect URL with OAM10g

      How would you protect a given URL through the OAM 10g?

      Please explain me the details/steps?

      Advnc Thanks
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          Any Updates??
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            Any Updates??
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              Check out this link:


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                The steps depends on where you are starting, assuming you have OAM 10g installed and running, here are the steps.

                1. Define a new WebGate in Policy Manager consoles
                2. Associate this WebGate with at least on Access Server Instance
                2. If the application URL you want to protect is on Application Server for which WebGate is not available, then install a Web Server (OHS/Apache/IIS) and define reverse proxy to application URLs
                3. Install WebGate binaries on the Reverse Proxy Web Server
                4. Configure webgate to make it point to Access Server (same server associated in step 2 above)
                5. After Successful installation and configuration restart WebServer
                6. Test the WebGate installation with webgate diagnostic URL
                7. In Policy Manager define the Resource URL
                8. Define Authentication scheme and actions
                9. Define Authorization rules and actions
                1o. Access the application URL (webserver url) and you should get prompted for authentication based on the authentication scheme configuration done in step 8.

                These are just high level steps details on each step should be available in documentation.