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    Opscenter 12C High Availability

      Any one did HA with opscenter 12c that encountered issue when configuring first node as primary?

      According to the install guide, I am supposed to install Clusterware which already did and that services are up. After which I install both the node for HA which one is normal command which link with customized database and then the second node with command ended with standbyEC after the first node is installed.

      After both nodes are installed with opscenter, I tried to configure the first node as primary node. When the services are going online til the satellite services. The output message end with command successfully but I saw that the services of opscenter "scn" are all going offline and in ifconfig, I also notice that my VIP and SCAN for the primary node is being swing over to the second node.

      I not sure which part has been wrong though.. I saw in admin guide that the first node is installed and configure first and after that installed the second node. Not sure if the sequence is the root cause. It has been misleading for the install guide and admin guide which mentioned about EC HA if thats the case.