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    Basic Istore question - creating a custom JSPs for Bins

      Im sorry if this is a really basic question...

      i need to create a jsp for the "STORE_CTLG_BIN_LEFT_1" to display a media object...

      ive tried:

      <%@page import="oracle.apps.ibe.util.*" %>
      <%@page import="oracle.apps.ibe.catalog.*" %>
      <%@page import="oracle.apps.ibe.store.*" %>
      <%@page import="java.math.BigDecimal" %>
      <%@page import="oracle.apps.jtf.base.Logger" %>

      binleft1Media = DisplayManager.getMedia("media_object_programatic_access_name", true);

      but it doesnt seem to work...(im pretty new to JSP..spent most of my life in php)

      im using Istore 12.1.3

      any help would be greatly appreciated

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      Edited by: 1002326 on Apr 24, 2013 3:48 PM