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    Strange issue on WCP/Analytics

    Xiaoning -Oracle
      Hi All,

      Here is a strange issue, 2 environments, all running on They configued Analytics collector to collect info but,

      1, 'Analytics - Page traffic' in test environment works well, whenever 'Stretch content' (in 'display options -> Advanced' of 'Component Properties: Analytics - Page Traffic') is 'true' or 'auto'
      2, if 'Stretch content' set to 'true', prod environment works well also
      3, if 'Stretch content' set to 'auto', then 'No data to display' in prod environment

      The difference is prod environment is a cluster. But what’s the relationship between Stretch content and Analytics collector? If Analytics collector not be configured correctly, it shouldn't work, weather 'Stretch content' be set to true or auto...

      The browser is IE9.

      Any pointers are greatly appreciated!

      Thanks in advance,

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