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    Form and Report

      I've created a form based on a table then included a Sub Region in this page which has a report from a view.
      my problem now that this report is not editable since it's from view!

      when I tried creating a form and report from the same table. the report was showing the PK not the data itself
      I wish my problem is clear.
      any solution?
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          I am confused with the Query, can you be little more clear with your question please.

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            Are you using a interactive report or classic report?

            Interactive has a search bar and would let you select which columns you want to use. This might be why you are only seeing the PK?

            Could you explain your problem a bit more? What are you trying to do?
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              I've created a form and I need a report which will contain some columns from another table that's why I've created a report from a (view)
              my problem is the report doesn't have the edit icon so I can change the fields or delete them.

              I tried to create a form then create a sub region which has the report . the same thing it's just showing the data but no option to edit.
              what can I do to make the end user able to edit the fields? and is it possible if the report created from view? or it has to be from table?