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    Fail Safe Virtual IP Problems

      I have a Windows 2008 R2 SP1 2 node active/passive cluster with fail safe 3.4.2 installed. I also have 11G database software installed. My problem is I am unable to successsfully add an oracle virtual IP to the oracle group within fail safe. I receive the below error when I try. Can anyone please help me in the right direction with this? I need to get this resolved so that I can add my databases to the cluster. Thank you.

      Oracle Fail Safe Manager

      FS-10890: Oracle Services for MSCS failed during the create operation
      FS-11220: Failed to create the virtual address
      FS-10012: Failed to bring the cluster resource Network Name HHVHAVELP01 online. Check the Windows event log for messages.
      FS-10726: Resource Network Name HHVHAVELP01 is in a failed state

      I don't see any message in the event log when I check...