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    need help on retriving blob image from table ..i  need to use function

      I have a display only field and i am trying to retrive it a value using function ...The idea of using blob is from the following example ..

      I created the following function.. in A display only function.
      return '<img src="' || APEX_UTIL.GET_BLOB_FILE_SRC('P375_PICTURE',1204,null,'inline') || '" />';

      but the output is junk character
      The output is the one below
      <img src="apex_util.get_blob_file?a=231&s=16387884076007&p=375&d=26249204291254605&i=26247831247254566&p_pk1=1204&p_pk2=&p_ck=C226897F204BFA329F601AF2ED72ECDA&p_content_disposition=inline" />

      Using apex 4.2 db 11g release 2 xe
      here 1204 is some magazine_id
      here is the structure of my blob table
      xxx_no number(10),
      picture blob
      i am able to retrive the data via interactivereport but i will lke to retrive data as display only field from blob

      Can some one please guide. . what i could be doing wrong

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