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    adctrl showing Wait Status continuously after patch 4346113 installation

      Hello Guys,

      I am in the process upgrading ebs so for user of IE 8 - 10. After applying patch 4346113, adctrl is still showing workers with a wait status. During the patch installation it hung for hours and I troubleshooting revealed that there was a dead log doing
      I then killed one of the sessions for the job to continue. After this adctrl is continuously show:
      Worker Code Context Filename Status
      ------ -------- ---------------------- -------------------- --------------
      1 Done Compile R115 adpcpcmp.pls Completed
      2 Done Compile R115 adpcpcln.pls Completed
      3 Done Compile R115 Wait
      4 Done Compile R115 Wait
      5 Done Compile R115 Wait
      6 Done Compile R115 Wait
      7 Done Compile R115 Wait
      8 Done Compile R115 Wait

      I have checked and the patch is recorded in the ad_bugs table. I have bounced the database but adctrl is still showing the above output.

      How can I clear adctrl? Can I continue with my next patch?