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    Can't get get_blob_file_src to work in my application

      Application is on apex.oracle.com
      Workspace : partituren
      username: demo
      password: ZaGreb_12
      application: 32570 collectiebeheer
      Page 5: Person details.

      I have a separate region to display the image which is in P5_PORTRAIT.
      However: what I see is no image, but a garbled URL.
      I tried everything.
      In the sample database application it works.

      My call is
      '<img src="'||apex_util.get_blob_file_src('P5_PORTRAIT',:P5_ID)||'" />' ;
      Reading documentation didn't help.

      Help me out please.
      It is not urgent.

      Sybrand Bakker
      Senior Oracle DBA