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    Editing hours minutes seconds in a Master-Detail Application?

    Howard (... in Training)
      I have a simple application built on a Master table BPR_PROC (one column, PROC_NM) and a Detail table BPR_RUN (columns PROC_NM and a few others). I did this as a standard Form-create selecting Master-Detail. There are only 4 pages to consider: (1 Home, 2 Master, 3 Detail, 4 Login). Ignore the other pages.

      On the Detail page (3), there are two columns (Start Time and End Time) which represent the Start of run and End of run for a process recorded to seconds accuracy. (Yes, we could have used milli-seconds but we didn't!)

      User: demo
      PW: demo
      Appl: BPR_991203

      I have looked at a few threads that describe ways to do this. Are there straight-forward solutions for a master-detail situation?
      1) I know there is a plugin but can it be used on this detail page which (I think) is a tabular form?
      2) There are solutions where folks split the field in two but then one needs to validate the pieces and rejoin them before the value is written back to the DB -- not my first choice? Can this be done with a tabular form?

      Question: What approach would you recommend in this situation (tabular form)?


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      For now, I'm just making the datetime a text field. Perhaps, I'll prepopulate the field with the current run date.
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          Denes Kubicek
          It is not so easy to validate a tabular form, especially if there is a dependency between the records. I would suggest to go away from the tabular form and use a simple report on the page 3. Use the modal window plug-in to manage the records in a single record form.

          Denes Kubicek
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            Howard (... in Training)

            Thanks for the suggestion. I'm using tabular forms because it's a native tool. We have a many processes and each executes at 3 to 4 sites so it seems natural to me to set this up so that MRU/MRD can be done on the set of (3-4) site records for each process.

            Of course, I (think I) want to manage my own updates but I have not had time to go thru the "trail and error" to fully investigating how that is done.