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    Issue with af:InputFile at runtime in adf

      Dear All,
      I am getting different types of error related to the af:input file, please check my scenario:

      1. I am using Dynamic Region.
      2. I have multiple file upload in one of my jsff page and the jsff page is having panal tabbed layout. For multiple file upload I am using adf table and adding new files by creating rows in the adf table.
      3. In first tab I have some mandatory fields and second tab I have adf table for multiple file upload.
      4. If I fill all mandatory fields and go to second tab and click on createInsert of adf table and upload a file using af:inputFile component in adf table, file uploaded successfully. Note: I am using valueChangeListener on input file to upload files.
      5. In case, if in the first tab i leave some of the mandatory fields and go to the second tab it will show me field is required error and it will remain in first tab (as of adf basic behaviour). Now, after getting message I'll fill mandatory fields and go to second tab and tries to upload the file, then an message comes from the browser side to reload the page or cancel. No related message comes in the jdeveloper console. In normal case file uploads without any messages from browser. If I clicks on reload, page reloads again, page reloads but the problem persits with next file upload. If i cancel this message it will come again on next upload. how to resolve this issue and please explain what is the issue?
      6. In one more scenario, If I fill all mandatory field and move to next tab and upload document and it uploads successfully. then if i move back to first tab and removes some field value and tries to navigate back to second tab,it'll show me validation error, again after filling the required fields, and navigate to second tab and tries to upload one more file by creating new row to the table, On selection of file the browser gets hang and I am not able to perform any action. No message comes in the jdeveloper console. Please tell me what is the issue.

      I am using jdeveloper