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    How to install Oracle Portal 11g

      Hello friends,
      Can you give me a range of how to install Oracle Portal 11g. What components are needed and in what order you install to have an environment with Oracle Portal 11g

      Thanks for your support
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          Have a look at the Quick Installation Guide for Oracle Portal 11g:
          Even the Quick Installation Guide is 24 pages.

          You will also need WebLogic Server, an Oracle 11g database and some kind of SSO (e.g. Oracle Access Manager 11g).

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            Sorry, the link I mentioned does not cover Oracle Portal.
            Try this link instead:

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              Erik Janssen-Oracle
              The supported way to install Oracle Portal is available in Note [url https://support.oracle.com/epmos/faces/DocContentDisplay?id=1436807.1]1436807.1, 'How to Perform a New Installation of Oracle Portal 11g With Oracle Access Management 11g as Single Sign-On Solution ?'.

              A few remarks about this note :

              <li>The note mentions FMW - FMW is out already and should be used instead
              <li> The note mentions OAM - use OAM 11.1.2 instead as it will allow you to consume a future patch for DAS support