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    OPMN Configuration Asasistant-start HTTP server" Status - Failed.

      Good evening sir,

      I am a newbie user in oracle. Sir i want to install application server10g. My senior suggest me to install first Oracle Infrastructure 10g then install application server.
      This is my 5th attempt when I'm installing this but
      during configuration assistants I get an error in "OPMN Configuration Asasistant-start HTTP server" status - Failed.
      In details section it describe a log file path i.e (C:\Program Files\Oracle\Inventory\logs\installActions 2013-04-29_02-36-25PM.log), I can attach that file for your ready reference, if here is any option for attachment.
      Sir I have completely format my system, now there are no any other softwares in my PC, and trying again to install it but again I get this error.
      It shows that
      " Some of the configuration assistants failed. It is strongly recommended that you retry the configuration assistants at this time. Not successfully running any "Recommended" means your system will not be correctly configured. Select the failed assistants and click the 'Retry' button to retry them."

      I had click on retry button but it doesn't get solve.
      My system configuration is : windows 2003 server (enterprise) SP-1, Intel core i7 CPU 2.80 GHz, 3.98 GB RAM.

      One more thing sir, during installation it asks namespace "as dc=server, dc= com" (server is my computer name) and in the next step it ask for global namespace & SID I wrote there
      "global namespace = orcl.com & SID = orcl"
      in the rest process I simply clicked on next button as required.

      Kindly suggest me what should I do?