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    Relationships as outcomes in soap request

      Apart from the test cases we are using the SOAP UI for testing the rulebase.
      The response is having the outcome-style as "decision-report". This enabled the entire evaluation to be returned but the response byte size was quite large, hence we switched to "value-only" outcome-style.

      In one of the rules, we have the inferred instances and the relationships are dynamically created. These relationships are not being returned in the case of the "value-only" outcome style. They are visible only for the "decision-report".

      Can we obtain the relationships as an outcome in the "value-only" report for a soap request.
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          Ben Rogers
          Hi Vulcan,

          I take it you are happy with using silent/invisible to reduce the size of your decision-reports?

          If you want a quick way of viewing the proof of an inferred relationship, let's say "the person's close relatives", create an attribute which counts up this inferred relationship, such as:
          the person's total number of close relatives = InstanceCount(the person's close relatives)
          You can then request a decision-report for this only, and use silent/invisible to optimise it.

          Also, if you are looking to reduce the size of your reports further you can develop a custom plugin to remove the base attributes which are always returned back to you in the ODS response (silent and invisible can't turn this off) which can make a big difference to the size if you have a lot of instances / base attributes in the XML request.

          If you are interested in this please let me know as we have managed to develop this.

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            Thanks for your inputs Ben, I will read through the silent and invisible operators.

            Meanwhile, if we need the relationships as output in the Soap UI.

            +<typ:entity id="entityName">+
            +<typ:relationship-outcome id="relationshipName" outcome-style="value-only"/>+