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    Java 1.6_43


      We use Java to access our bank details.

      We were using java 1.6_16 without a problem and need to upgrade to 1.6_43.

      Since upgrading the bank site is now not working.

      As this is a work eplace and can't use any other version. could you help me where the link may be broken.

      We are using IE8. Again this cant change.

      On a XP sp3 O\S.

      So far have uninstalled 1.6_16 and installed 1.6_43. Left 1.6_16 and Installed 1.6_43 as a upgrade.

      Any help would be usefull.
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          a) you provide no information other than "it doesn't work". No errors, no description of what is actually being executed (I guess some sort of applet), no nothing. You can't be helped with no information, as it is now all you can get is sympathy.
          b) this is not tech support for your bank; its their applet, ask them for help. Likely the applet is doing things it is not supposed to and a security fix is now blocking it from working
          c) this is not tech support for Java either, this is a forum for Java programmers

          Contact tech support for your bank. Provide them actual information.
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            There are no errors, just sits there looking sorry for its self. Could be right it might be their applet.
            You type in the web address
            Log in to the site.
            Drill down a few levels within the site and bang.
            It will ask to install the old version of Java 1.6_16 when 1.6_43 is already installed.
            I was not aware this was just for programmers looking at other posts.
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              Just a little bit more info.

              I'm getting this as a 3rd party. Just trying to help a fellow worker.

              Accessing via Oracle business suite if it helps. I thought it was to a bank.

              It is not. Looks internal.

              Only here for one more day. So if you post after tomorrow will not matter.