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    Enable or Disable CPU - Mx000

      Is it possible to manage enable or disable CPU on Mx000 servers?

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          Bjoern Rost
          there are several ways to do this. maybe you can share a bit more about what you are trying to do so we can help you better:

          - psradm can be used in solaris (on any platform) to disable CPUs (better: to make the scheduler not put processes on a CPU)
          - solaris zones can have a cpu capping
          - processor sets can be tied to processes, projects, zones...
          - on Mx000 you can set up dynamic domains to partition your box into smaller pieces
          - on T-series (and M5) you can use logical domains (OVM for sparc) to partition a server


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            Hi Bjoern,

            Thanks for replay, actually i have a M4000 and we plan to create two domain, one have 1 cpu (2core) and other need to configure with 2 cpu (4core) but we know system can't put 3 cpu must have to 4 cpu, so due to core licensing issue, here i need to disable 1 cpu (2 core) with psradm is okay, but i want to disable with domain configuration, can you help me to get this.

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              Pascal Kreyer-Oracle
              You can remove a CPU module from a domain with the setdcl command
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                Yes you are right, but remember in each module having 2 cpu and i need to disable only 1 cpu and want to assign 1 cpu to domain....
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                  Bjoern Rost
                  I don't know much about dynamic domains so I cannot really help you there. I would like to add that I am not sure Oracle accepts turning off a cpu with psradm as "hard partitioning" so if that's what you want to do, you should talk to your oracle rep about it.
                  Another possibility would be to simply create a domain and then setup a zone on it. you can limit that zone to use just one cpu (or two cores) which is ok for hard partitioning. And you could still create a zone on that other cpu and run non-database stuff there