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    ASM diskgroups not showing

      Hi there,

      I'm installing Oracle 11gR2 on OEL 4.7. I have successfully installed GI, created ASM instance with 2 disk groups (DATA, FRA). Both disks are mounted, ASM is up and running. I installed ORacle Database software (11gR2) then I started 'dbca', when I select ASM in 'storage type' and database file location window (Step 6 of 12) and press BROWSE button for 'database area', no Disk Groups are displayed. Can anybody please give me a clue what's happening? why are the disk groups not showing up?

      Thanks in advance.
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          I figured out and fixed the problem. My environment variable; ORA_CRS_HOME was pointing towards incorrect GI home. Once I set correct ORA_CRS_HOME, which was GI HOME and restarted DBCA, I was able to see ASM DISK GROUPS.